Who We Are

ComponentsMAX is an international independent distributor for active and passive components, such as Integrated Circuits, Semiconductor, Capacitor, Transistors, Resistor, Inductors, Connectors, Potentiometers, Crystals & Oscillators, Switch relay and System products.

At ComponentsMAX, we serve industries where electronic components are utilized every day such as Computers, Telecom, Medical equipments, Automobile, Aviation, Marine and so on. OEM and CEM specific procurement solutions, just-in-time services are our Goals.

Why ComponentsMAX?

At ComponentsMAX, the ability to supply Obsolete, Hard-To-Find, or Allocated component at a competitive price is our specialty. With Our 24 hour Global Procurement System, We Guarantee, You'll find with us a Service, and Support that is unmatched in the industry.

Our Prompt response to Customer's need, Commitment to Complete Customer Satisfaction and On-time delivery have allowed us to build a solid reputation as a reliable, and consistent industry partner. That's why We Promise Our Clients Maximum Service, and Maximum Support. That's what makes us ComponentsMAX!

Our Value-Added Services

At ComponentsMAX, as part of our commitment to Maximum Service, and Maximum Support, We offer variety of Value-Added-Services, such as :

  • Tape & Reeling
  • IC Programming
  • Lead Cutting And Forming
  • Kitting
  • Commercial, Industrial And Military Screening
  • Solderability, Re-Tinning, Baking And Military Packing

If you are interested in any of our Value-Added Services mentioned above, We are just One Click Away !

Excess Solution

ComponentsMAX is dedicated to help you resolve your Excess inventory problems. If you are struggling with your End-of-Life buys, Slow-moving parts, together we can determine what to keep, what to scrap or how to sell your idle inventories.

Whether you're in the market to unload your Excess Supplies or require Additional Services as mentioned above, take advantage of ComponentsMAX's Global Network, Prompt and Expert Service. If you want us to help you in your Excess Inventory Management, Simply Send Us a Quick Note From Here !

*All manufacturer logos are trademarks of their respective owners. ComponentsMAX is not directly affiliated with the manufacturers unless otherwise specified.